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dr. Bilge Çelik

A Brand New Beginning


Dr. Şakir Bilge Çelik

I was born in 1977 in Yalova. In 2001, I graduated from Istanbul University Faculty of Medicine and then completed my specialty training in Ear Nose Throat (ENT) Diseases at Uludağ University Faculty of Medicine. Since 2005, I started to work as an ENT Diseases Specialist and after fulfilling my state service obligation, I started working in the private sector in 2008. I have been serving in the private sector in Antalya since 2011.

Dr. Bilge Çelik

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As Dr. Şakir Bilge Çelik, I implement your wishes with special care by developing personal and professional solutions in nasal and facial aesthetics You can get information from us for your rhinoplasty solutions.

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What Our Patients Said?

Average total 72 reviews

A competent, friendly teacher. You can be examined with peace of mind. We have been patients for a long time.

Furkan Erkaya 27 December 2021

He is a competent, constantly renewing, ethical and meticulous doctor. He was very attentive during my treatment. You can go there with peace of mind.

Beyza Bir 22 January 2022

I would like to thank Dr. Şakir for doing my eyelid aesthetics very well and I am extremely comfortable now. I hope his success will continue.

Leman Simsek 23 January 2022

I had rhinoplasty surgery performed by Mr. Şakir. I was very afraid at first. But Dr. After getting to know Mr. Şakir, I realized that my fears were unfounded. I'm glad I knew you. With such meticulous and caring work... Thank you, sir.

He is truly a great doctor. I am glad I came here. I am very pleased. Thank you, sir.

özgür keser 29 March 2022

I would also like to thank Dr. Şakir for his interest and concern. You can go and get treatment with peace of mind and trust a doctor who is an expert in his field and cares closely about his patients.

Nergiz Üren 10 May 2022

He is a very caring and knowledgeable doctor. My deaf ears can now hear. I made an appointment for my nose and under eye problems.

ÖZGÜR TRAVEL 23 June 2022

Thank you sir, thank you for providing me with the nose I always wanted, I no longer have sleep apnea or snoring. I thank him very much.

Alper Sencan 12 August 2022
Özlem Şimşek 12 August 2022
Kerem keser 13 August 2022
serhat kurdoglu 13 August 2022
Hülya Coşgun 13 August 2022

We applied for my daughter's nose. He was very interested and explained every detail in detail. We decided to have it done with peace of mind. The result is perfect. My daughter and we really liked the procedure. You can easily go and ask anything. Thank you very much again, doctor. I wish them continued success. Good luck 😊😊💐

Şehinaz Demir 13 August 2022

An excellent Dr. performed my nose surgery. I had a much better operation than I expected. You helped me a lot in every aspect. Thank you for your efforts. I highly recommend it to everyone.

melek izci 13 August 2022

Mr. Şakir is a very caring and friendly doctor. I was examined today and I was very pleased. You can make an appointment with Mr. Şakir without any hesitation.

Havile Özdoğan 13 August 2022

He is one of the rare surgeons who is very friendly and does his job well. He is the doctor who cured my brother-in-law of his sleep apnea. You can entrust yourself absolutely without thinking. He is also a good rhinoplasty specialist.

Ali Berat 07 13 August 2022

We were afraid at first, but then Mr. DR. We overcame our fear with the trust given by ŞAKİR BİLGE ÇELİK. I will recommend this place to everyone, thank you for everything.

Ahmet Abay 13 August 2022

If you want to meet a team that sees your health as their own within the framework of interest, smiling face, respect and love, and a truly competent doctor, this clinic is the only address you should go to.

Anıl İncesu 13 August 2022

I went to many doctors, but Dr. Şakir was the one who answered my questions so clearly, opened my horizons with his suggestions, and whose care I was really pleased with. I don't think I will go to another address from now on 🙂 thank you very much.

Nisa Rumeysa Altunok 13 August 2022

Dr. Şakir Bilge, I am very pleased with the surgery you did for me, thank you, good luck.

Asuman Can 13 August 2022

Mr. Şakir performed my rhinoplasty surgery, which you were very afraid of, 3 months ago. The pre and post surgery process went very well in general, thank you.

Hasibe Tetik 13 August 2022

I had rhinoplasty surgery by Mr. Şakir 10 months ago. I had no pain after the surgery. It made my nose natural and beautiful, just as I wanted. I'm glad I had the surgery done by him. I couldn't trust anyone else to have the surgery. He is a very caring doctor and very successful in his job. I would like to thank him very much. I hope there will be more ENT doctors like him. I recommend Mr. Şakir to everyone.

Esra Nur Okyay 13 August 2022

It's literally perfect. I wish you success.

Cemil Mahalleli 14 August 2022

I would like to thank my doctor who performed my nose surgery successfully.

Handan Timur 15 August 2022

I had rhinoplasty surgery performed by my teacher Şakir 6 years ago. Şakir teacher was very caring both before and after the surgery. I am very pleased with my nose. I would like to express my gratitude to my teacher Şakir. You can choose without worry.

Rukiye Kuru 16 August 2022

The doctor honestly shared with me everything I would experience before the surgery and supported me afterwards. Since he is very successful in his job, I recommend him to everyone with peace of mind.

Hilal Demir 16 August 2022

You are a very loving, compassionate, excellent doctor who cares personally about his patients. Thank you for everything. I experience the miracle of being able to breathe easily after the surgery.

Özlem Kardaş 20 August 2022
Seher Özcan 20 August 2022
seyhan öztinar 20 August 2022
ali öner 20 August 2022
Aylin Akıncı 22 August 2022
Soner Yalcın 23 August 2022

He is an excellent doctor in terms of ENT, Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics. You can trust with your eyes closed.

CEMŞİD ALİM 26 August 2022
Berna Dikmen 27 August 2022

I had a liplift surgery with doctor Celic and he was first of all very kind and helpfull. Second of all he knows facial surgery very well and could answer my questions in a way that I understood him. I am a week post op tomorrow, and when I have any questions he answer and help me fast and with kindness. I am going back to him to fix my broken nose. 🥰

Ida Johansen 7 September 2022
AR HAVACILIK 7 September 2022

I had surgery a week ago, I am very pleased, I had no pain, the process is going very well, I recommend it.

Doruk Çetin 7 September 2022

I had a rhinoplasty done by Doctor 12 years ago. I am very happy with my nose and have not had any problems for 12 years. I highly recommend him for rhinoplasty.

Saadet Çelik Yılmaz 10 September 2022

Dr. who performed rhinoplasty surgery on both my wife and my sister. Thank you very much to Mr. Şakir Bilge Çelik. I can surpass him alone with his interest, knowledge, experience and smiling face.

ismail yılmaz 10 September 2022

He is a very successful surgeon. He works very disciplined and devoted. I recommend it with my eyes closed.

Serap Güner 10 September 2022

I had nose surgery performed by Mr. Şakir in 2016. Even though I asked him a lot of questions and harassed him frequently, he welcomed me with care. Even though no one knew that I had surgery until I told him, I was very pleased with him. If God permits, this time my brother will have the surgery. Our choice again is Şakir Bilge Çelik…

Selma Selma 16 September 2022

I had rhinoplasty surgery by Mr. Şakir a week ago. He is a wonderful person both as a person and as a doctor. His communication with his patients is very strong, you can easily ask anything and get the answer. I was very pleased with every process, including the surgery, and had no difficulties. I definitely recommend Şakir Bey. Thank you very much again, I'm glad to have you, doctor😊

Tuğba Irmak 3 October 2022

I can say that Mr. Şakir is the number one address for those who are nervous about such operations like me. He is a doctor who shares everything with you transparently before the surgery, is realistic and truly understands what you want. The doctors I saw before I discovered Mr. Şakir did not seem realistic to me. And such operations should not be left to chance. I had a rhinoplasty surgery on him and I am very pleased with the result. I am thinking of having a few operations related to my face performed by him. Thank you Mr. Şakir..

alisa orhon 3 October 2022

Mr. Şakir performed my daughter's rhinoplasty surgery. I would recommend him to everyone without hesitation. Both his humanity and his doctoring made us very happy and healed us. I thank him very much again

Gülsen Tuğcan 3 October 2022

I want to thank Şakir Bey for his professionalism. The result exceeded all my expectations. My nose has bothered me since childhood. During the consultation, the doctor explained everything to me in detail and answered all my questions. It is immediately clear that Şakir Bey cares about his patients. I also want to note that Şhakir Bey pays attention not only to beauty, but first of all to health. I will definitely contact you again!

wer 1988 5 October 2022

I chose Mr. Şakir for my rhinoplasty surgery. He is an experienced doctor and very caring about his patients. You can choose without hesitation

T Kaş 10 October 2022
Serkan Sahin 20 October 2022

Since I was a little girl, I couldn't breathe because my nose was extremely curvature. Since the bone development was not completed, I could have surgery at the earliest at the age of 18. Last year, I was going to have surgery by a doctor at a state hospital without much research, but my surgery was canceled because the Covid test was positive. Fortunately, the test was positive because another doctor. He would never have worked as hard as Mr. Şakir did for my extremely traumatic nose. I had the surgery with braces and no problems. There was no pain or bruising after my surgery. I was very happy with the state of my nose after the surgery. You can have surgery with Mr. Şakir with peace of mind because he is in safe hands. I will be grateful to him and his team for the rest of my life.

Mert Kürşat 21 October 2022

I really wanted to have rhinoplasty, but I was afraid and worried. I was examined by my doctor Şakir. He took such good care of me. I had always heard good things about him before. I had surgery 6 months ago. He took very good care of me during and after the surgery. I thank him very much for everything. I'm glad to have you sir😊

Yesim Zorca 21 October 2022

Frequently Asked Questions

Dr. Şakir Bilge Çelik is an experienced surgeon specializing in Rhinoplasty in Antalya. In addition to Facial Aesthetics, he has made significant contributions in the fields of Otorhinolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery throughout his career.

To make an appointment, you can fill out the appointment form on our website or contact us on +90 501 255 50 07.

Our treatment or counseling fees vary depending on the type and duration of the service. For detailed information, please contact us via contact.

You can find feedback about Dr. Çelik in the “Patient Comments” or “Client Feedback” section of our website.

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