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Lip Lift Surgery

Who is Lip Lift Surgery Suitable for? 

Lip lift surgery is suitable for people who want a fuller and more attractive appearance to the lips, especially the upper lip; who want to shorten the length between the upper lip and the lower border of the nose (filtrum distance) and give a younger appearance. This aesthetic procedure makes the upper lip and smile look more balanced and attractive. Ideal candidates are adult individuals who are dissatisfied with the appearance of their lips and the length of the filtrum distance and who are in good general health. This surgery may also be a suitable option for people who experience thinning or sagging of the lips with the aging process. Lip lift surgery should be planned in accordance with personal aesthetic goals and general proportions of the face.

How is Lip Lift Surgery Performed? 

Lip lift ameliyatı, sıklıkla lokal ais performed under anesthesia and lasts on average 1-2 hourser. En sık kullanılan yöntem Bull Horn tekniğidir. İşlem sırasında, burun altında gizlenebilecek bir yerde dudak ve burun arasındaki bölgeden fazla olan kısım çıkarılır. Daha sonra dudak kaldırılır ve kısaltılan alan dikkatlice dikilir. Bu işlem üst dudağın şeklini ve pozisyonunu iyileştirir, gülümsemeye daha belirgin ve estetik bir ifade kazandırır. Yine hasta tercihleri ve hekimin önerisine göre; Gull wing, Santral, İtalyan liplift gibi cerrahi seçenekler de bulunmaktadır.

What is the Recovery Process After Lip Lift Surgery?

The healing process after lip lift aesthetics usually progresses quickly. Mild swelling and bruising are normal for the first few days after surgery, but these usually decrease in a short time. Patients can return to their daily activities immediately after surgery. Keeping the surgical site clean and dry reduces the risk of infection and promotes a healthy recovery. Regular use of the medications recommended by the doctor and postoperative check-ups help to complete the healing process successfully.

Is There a Risk of Lip Lift Surgery? 

Although lip lift surgery is a safe procedure, it involves some risks as with any surgical procedure. Infection may rarely occur after surgery. However, this can be reduced by careful hygiene and following the doctor's recommendations. In addition, slight bleeding or bruising may occur at the site of surgery. However, these usually heal in a short time. The healing process of the skin and the reaction of the stitches may vary from person to person.

Lip Lift Surgery Price

The price of lip lift surgery may vary according to various factors. These factors include the experience of the surgeon performing the surgery, the location of the clinic and the quality of the service provided. The scope of the surgery and the individual needs of the patient may also affect pricing. The cost of this aesthetic procedure is more affordable compared to other facial aesthetic operations. You can contact us for more information about the price of lip lift surgery.

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