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Dimple Aesthetics

Who is Dimple Aesthetics Suitable for?

Dimpling with surgery is a procedure preferred for aesthetic purposes. Dimple aesthetics is a suitable option for healthy adult individuals who want to add natural-looking dimples to their face. Ideal candidates are people with good general health, good skin elasticity and facial structure suitable for this type of intervention. It is also important to have realistic expectations and a clear understanding of the aesthetic consequences of the surgery. Dimple aesthetics is suitable for people who want to add a pleasant detail to their facial expression and desire a different appearance with dimples that will appear when the face smiles. 

Which Areas Is Dimple Aesthetics Performed?

Dimple aesthetics are usually performed on the cheeks. Surgical dimpling is applied to create natural-looking dimples, especially in the cheek area, which becomes more prominent with the smile of the person. The area to create dimples is determined by the surgeon according to the patient's facial structure and wishes. The surgery is planned to preserve the symmetry and natural expression of the face. In this way, the dimple is created at the point where it will look most appropriate on the face.

How is Dimple Aesthetics Performed? 

Aesthetic dimpling is a short and simple surgical intervention performed under local anaesthesia. The operation begins with a small incision in the cheek. Then, a small amount of muscle and fat tissue under the skin is removed through this incision. This is done to create a natural-looking dimple on the cheek. The dimple is fixed with sutures and these sutures ensure that the dimple is permanent. The operation time is short and patients can return to their normal activities most of the time on the same day. Aesthetic dimpling can improve the overall appearance of the person by adding a pleasant and natural detail to the facial expression.

Is Dimple Aesthetics Permanent?

Dimple aesthetics is a procedure that gives permanent results. The changes made during this aesthetic intervention create a permanent dimple on the cheek. The dimple created by the surgical procedure gives a natural appearance to the facial expression and becomes more prominent with a smile. However, as with any surgical procedure, the skin structure of the person and the healing process may affect the permanence of the result. 

Dimple Aesthetics Prices

Dimple aesthetic prices vary depending on various factors. These prices vary according to factors such as the experience of the surgeon who will perform the procedure and the quality of service offered in the clinic. In addition, it may vary according to the patient's facial structure and the characteristics of the desired aesthetic results. Since dimple aesthetics is a simpler procedure compared to other facial aesthetic procedures, its cost may be relatively more affordable. However, you can contact us directly to get a clear price information.

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