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Chin Augmentation Surgery

Why is Chin Augmentation Surgery Performed?

Chin augmentation surgery is usually performed for aesthetic and functional reasons. The main purpose of this surgery is to make the jaw structure more aesthetically appropriate and to improve the overall balance of the face. Here are some situations where chin augmentation surgery is performed:

  • Esthetic Balance: Jaw augmentation surgery may be preferred to improve the symmetry and aesthetic balance of the face. In some individuals, congenital or subsequent smallness or proportion of the jaw structure may affect the general appearance of the face.
  • Improve Facial Profile: This surgery is performed to achieve a more prominent and defined jawline. The chin structure plays an important role in the profile appearance of the face, and chin augmentation can improve this appearance.
  • Removing Functional Problems: In some cases, a small jaw structure can lead to functional problems such as chewing or speaking. Chin augmentation surgery can help eliminate such problems.
  • Improve Your Own Image: It can also be preferred to improve the self-confidence and image of the person. Aesthetic improvement of the jaw structure can increase the person's self-confidence.
  • Combining with Other Facial Aesthetic Procedures: Chin augmentation surgery can be performed in combination with other facial aesthetic procedures such as rhinoplasty to increase the overall aesthetic harmony of the face.

How is Chin Augmentation Aesthetics Performed?

In chin aesthetics, two main methods are usually used: implants and fillers.

  1. Implants: By using specially designed, biocompatible chin implants, your jaw line is enlarged and made more prominent. The implants are placed in accordance with the jawbone and offer a permanent solution.
  2. Fillers: Fillers such as hyaluronic acid can be used to temporarily augment and shape the jawline. This method is less invasive and usually requires a shorter recovery period.

Chin augmentation is performed under general or local anaesthesia. If an implant is to be used, the jaw area is accessed through a small incision and the implant is placed. If fillers are to be used, fillers are injected into the jaw line by injection method.

The healing process of chin augmentation aesthetics varies depending on the method used. If an implant was used, full recovery may take several weeks. For fillers, the recovery time is shorter. After the procedure, your jaw line will have a more prominent and aesthetic appearance. After the surgery, it is important to follow the care instructions given by your surgeon and attend regular follow-up appointments.

Who Cannot Have Chin Augmentation Surgery?

  • People with Health Problems: Chin augmentation surgery is not recommended for people with certain health problems such as serious cardiovascular diseases, bleeding disorders or uncontrolled diabetes.
  • Active Smokers: Smoking can negatively affect the healing process and increase the risk of complications. Chin augmentation surgery is generally not recommended for people who actively smoke before quitting smoking.
  • Very Young Individuals: Jaw augmentation surgery is usually not performed on adolescents or young adults whose facial bones are not yet fully developed. Full development of the face should be expected.
  • Those with Unrealistic Expectations: Individuals with unrealistic or exaggerated expectations are not suitable candidates for chin augmentation surgery.
  • People with Psychological Problems: Such surgeries are not recommended for people with serious psychological problems or who develop psychological dependence on plastic surgery.

Like any surgical procedure, chin augmentation surgery involves certain risks and limitations. For this reason, it is important for people considering this type of surgery to first make a detailed evaluation with an experienced health professional and discuss all risks, side effects and expectations. Each individual's health status and suitability for surgery should be evaluated individually.

Chin Augmentation Surgery Prices 2024 - Antalya

In 2024, the price of chin augmentation surgery may vary depending on various factors. These factors include factors such as the region where the surgery will be performed, such as Antalya, the experience of the surgeon, the methods and materials used.

Since each patient has different needs and expectations, the cost of the surgery is also determined as a result of a personalised assessment. Therefore, it is important to consult with a specialist physicians before asking the price of chin augmentation surgery Antalya. Specialists will assess the patient's specific condition and create an appropriate treatment plan.

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